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I've been living with chuwie in Tennessee for the last week and a half, and we're just getting reliable internet access so pardon my absence.

I came down here to work on my personal RoR's stuff, but I've been avoiding that like the plague. Instead I've been doing a lot of reading and watching tv. The books I've read books: Shadow of the Hegemon by Orson Scott Card, Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey (I am apparently Eli Ramsey), and Glasshouse by David Strauss. Chuwie is suggesting I read the Max Tucker book. I've said for a few years now that I need to stay away from books because I have an impossible time putting them down. I read each of these books in a 24hour timespan. Usually stopping only to sleep or do something fun with tall guy. Often I would pick up a new book because I was having trouble sleeping, only to find myself awake some 6 hours later still reading the book.

Consider this yankee espionage, but lately I've been hearing quite a bit about how the south is going to rise again. I have even come across photographic evidence of AK-47's that will likely be used in this task. As a yankee, I wasn't aware that this war weighed so heavily on the minds of our confederate brethren. In my one night out at a bar, I mentioned I was from Indiana in a few conversations, and nearly every one with a male resulted in immediate "battle cries" for the confederacy.

It has been a good time down here. As always, chuwie has befriended an interesting cross-section of people who all seem to be very interesting in their own rights. Of particular mention is a guy who works with chuwie named John (aka Goat) and would be right at home with IPWIB, I'm not sure I know any movie/tv quotes that he can't finish. All and all it's been good, and I'm finally getting settled in enough to work on some of my personal projects.

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circle circle dot dot, for swell

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Sqeez indexing update

Yes, boring again, I know. Sqeez is getting an upgrade of all it's indexes tonight. So expect some slowdowns or errors.

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Boring lately?

I know I haven't posted for a while (this is said so frequently there has to be an acronym), but i really am going to try and do better.

It's been said a hundred times already, but new years was awesome. Probably not as awesome as the night before, but it was still a blast. Everyone missed mogis, overlord and the hammer.

I also received some amazing gifts from some equally amazing friends.

Ok, I tire of this already so I'll go back to silently fixing sqeez bugs and adding small features.

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oh boy!

Hey look, we're back up. According to this forum post, our brand new server suffered a critical hard drive failure and had to be rebuilt today. After they restored the data on the hard drive there were still a few lingering issues but everything appears to be working fine now. If you notice something amiss please open a help request. 

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What ridiculous things did you worry about as a child?

Being a robot. For some reason my parents thought it would be amusing to tell me that I was a robot/android.

what do you want for giftmas?

A DDR dad or two! grampa needs his exercise!

what does google images think you look like?

My name as I use it:

My non shortened name:

My full name:

beer bike
me holding a giant icicle
destroying jodie with a water balloon
seatbelt city
pillow head is your leader
everyone fondling sephon
goofing around in the kitchen
just some pimp shoes
signature move?
bike in the house
head on keyboard
some fun faces
oatmeal cream pie eating contest
through the looking glass
ties on the noggin
drinking a irish fest
Howl at the moon 2007-04-13
wall of shame
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let's see how good this sqeez code really is...

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